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Youth Shirts Printed Without Marijuana Leaves

                                                            Cartoon by Chris Silvestre

Step One: Click "Grab a shirt!" check out the jake inspired design!! men, women & kids.

step two: buy a shirt & 100% of proceeds will go to pediatric brain cancer research. Specifically, the exact research project at children's hospital of Philadelphia,that jake's tumor is currently being studied in! the shirt will also raise awareness for medical marijuana & help jake honig's law get passed!  

step three: allow a few weeks for delivery. Offered apparel are Men & Women style

t-shirts, Unisex Hoodie, and Youth shirts. all with a very meaningful and  purposeful design!

step four: wear your gear loud and proud & #belikejake on social media! Let people know the significance of this shirt! Gray= brain cancer awareness, gold= pediatric cancer awarenessgreen= medical marijuana awareness!!

It's that easy! Here is additional information as to why this fundraiser is so important. Jake is making a big impact in both, traditional and non traditional medicine, and this campaign raises awareness for both! Fundraising closes May 31st.


Medical Marijuana: After our Governor, Phil Murphy heard about Jake's success and obstacles with our medical marijuana program, he signed an executive order which forced immediate change to the state's program. Additionally, law makers wrote up a bill titled 'Jake Honig's Law'! This law address two of the most challenging aspects of Jake's experience with medical marijuana. 1.) Increasing the monthly allotment that patients can receive from 2oz. to 4oz. while patients with terminal illness will be able to purchase unlimited. 2.) Expand the ability that dispensaries have to convert more marijuana strains to oil. This will make it much easier for patients, by eliminating the need to 'cook' their product from bud form to oil. It will also increase the administration capabilities, giving patients more flexibility on product usage. 'Jake Honig's Law' was unanimously approved by the Appropiations Committee on April 5th, 2018. That's 1/4 of what is needed before 'Jake Honig's Law' becomes official. Next, the bill needs to be approved by the Assembly, the Senate, and finally signed into action by Governor Phil Murphy. By wearing YOUR 'Jake Honig's Law' shirt, you will show support & help this bill get passed! So, click the link above, donate & receive a shirt (or many shirts). Wear your gear loud and proud! Be sure to #belikejake to help get the word out that YOU want this law passed so other patients can benefit, in Jake's memory. The shirt contains a lot of GREEN which represents medical marijuana awareness!!


Brain Tumor Research: When Jake passed away on January 21st, 2018 he immediately began making an impact in the world of brain cancer research. Jake made the ultimate sacrifice by donating his entire brain & spine to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. By doing so, researchers, scientists & doctors are now able to get a better understanding of Jake's hard to treat tumor. We hope, from their learning, they can formulate a better treatment plan for future patients with this type, and other types of hard to treat brain tumors. We would love to see the day that children diagnosed with Jake's tumor type have a positive prognosis, due to therapy advances. For this to happen, a lot of work needs to be done. Unfortunately, research such as this costs a lot of money to keep going. Most "cancer charities" give 4% of their funding to childhood cancer research. This includes the National Institute of Health, The American Cancer Society, and many others. At a rate of 4 cents for every dollar, childhood cancer research will not thrive, nor stay alive. It's up to private organizations, that are specific to pediatric cancer, to keep research and progress afloat.100% of the proceeds raised from this t-shirt campaign will go to the specific research project that Jake's tumor is being studied in. Jake did the heavy lifting, and now it's up to us to ensure his gift doesn't go to waste. By donating for a t-shirt, you are helping to fund a crucial research project, that one day could be responsible for saving many children's lives. The shirt contains a lot of GRAY to represent Brain Cancer Awareness!! 


T-Shirts: So, there you have it. We hope you have the feeling of gratitude when you make your donation and the feeling of pride when you wear your shirt! Your donation will raise awareness for medical marijuana & show support for "Jake Honig's Law". Your donation will raise money specifically for the research efforts that Jake's tumor is currently being studied in. You're donating so that Jake's memory stays alive and strong! Every time you wear your 'Jake Honig's Law' shirt you are making sure Jake's light shines extra bright. Every time you wear his shirt, you will have an opportunity to share his story with others, so that awareness is raised for brain cancer, childhood cancer, medical marijuana, etc. Oh, and the shirts you receive will be comfortable! We personally tried on dozens of shirts because we want to make sure you receive a product that you will WANT to wear. So, we hope once you receive your shirt, that it becomes one of your favorites! Don't forget to #belikejake and spread the word!

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