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Thankfully, many media outlets have shared Jake's fight & mission. Below are videos & articles related to Jake. Also, a

beautiful tribute to Jake's life. 

Jake's life has been inspirational to many people, and all the good that has come out of Jake's story is inspirational to us. We thank everyone who made an impact on Jake's life, and helped him get through every day. We also thank those who want to learn more about The Tank. We hope these videos and links will help keep Jake's legacy alive and strong. Many more to come. #belikejake


Jake's One Year Angelversary

Jake Honig's Law Passes in the Senate


Jake Honig's Compassionate Use Act -                               Continues On


Howell Pays Tribute To Jake


Jake Honig's Compassionate Use Act -                               Continues On

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The article that started a movement

cannabis culture.png

Tribute to Jake's fight/treatment & medical marijuana

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Jake becomes a Howell, Honorary Police Officer

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Jake Honig's Law goes international

High Times.png

New Jersey State Health Commissioner speaks to physicians about cannabis and sites Jake's experience as a case study


 Description of Jake's diagnosis and his treatment

howell patch.png

Jake loves Howell, & Howell loves Jake


Jake & medical marijuana


Announcement of Jake's passing